jQuery.shadowtext v1.0.0

Interactive, animated text shadow effects.

Demo: http://blog.vanderlee.com/demo/shadowtext
Source: https://github.com/vanderlee/shadowtext




  • context (required)
    The DOM tree node containing the text to apply the shadow effect to.
  • options (optional)
    You can specify a map of options to change the default behaviour:
    • axis (default ”)
      Restrict the axis of movement. Either ‘x’ or ‘y’ are allowed. Leave empty if you don’t want to restrict the axis.
    • blurClose (default 0)
      The amount of blur when closest to the text.
    • blurFar (default 10)
      The amount of blur when farthest to the text.
    • color (default “#000”)
      Set the color of the shadow. Allowed types are 3 and 6 digit hex codes, rgb(), rgba() and color names. Alpha values are ignored.
    • distance (default 10)
      Maximum distance of the shadow from the text.
    • easing (default ”)
      If specified, an easing method will be used to determine the distance of the shadow (also influences blur and opacity) based on the mouse distance.
    • framerate (default 13)
      Framerate measured in frames-per-second. Don’t change unless you want a specific effect. By default this is set at the same framerate as jQuery effects.
    • hideText (default false)
      Enable this option to hide the text and only show the shadow.
    • mouseRange (default 500)
      When the mousepointer is at or beyond the specified mouseRange from the text, the shadow will be at it’s farthest.
    • opacityClose (default 1)
      The amount of opacity when closest to the text. Range 0 to 1.
    • opacityFar (default 1)
      The amount of opacity when closest to the text. Range 0 to 1.

Note that if you also load my jQuery.px plugin, you can access all it’s unit types for distance, blurClose, blurFar and mouseRange.


  • Chainable jQuery nodes.




color: ‘#960’,
distance: 50,
blurClose: 2,
blurFar: 50,
opacityClose: 1,
opacityFar: 0,
mouseRange: 100,
axis: ‘x’


distance: ‘1em’,
axis: ‘y’,
mouseRange: ’50vh’

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