Afterdark says "Afternoon"

Afterdark says “Afternoon”

Afterdark just got a cousin; Afternoon (pictures here)

The Afterdark theme has mutated to become a flexible theme framework, where multiple similarly styled themes could be generated from a single “source code”. The first product of this is the new “Afternoon” theme, a bright and shiney theme with blue tones, for a professional but lighthearted feel intended for front-end use.

As with Afterdark, it’s a total conversion set of jQueryUI theme settings, form components HTML components and a number of common extra’s (still working on this). It’s not complete yet, but the core is growing stronger and more stable all the time.

Next step will be to extract more stuff out of the core source and into the “theme” configuration. Eventually the theme should be easily user-configurable from a web interface and be able to render any number of combinations of the style sets “jqueryui”, “html”, “form” and “extra”.

If anybody want to dare a “themeroller” type site even while this project is still under active developement, please contact me. If you’re an expert with CSS3 styling, in particular with Mozilla or Opera, your help might even be invaluable.

The location is still unchanged: