Less Afterdark

Less Afterdark

Just updated the Afterdark jQueryUI “total conversion” theme.

Afterdark delivers a complete style for jQueryUI driven sites, changing not only the look of jQueryUI components, but all layout including body and form elements. It is designed for admin backends but can be used for any purpose.

This update adds a little bit of Mozilla (Firefox) support and some fixes/additions for Webkit (Chrome/Safari). More importantly, it is now compiled from a .less file using LessPHP, making it much easier to support multiple browsers and keep style more consistent. LessPHP might also make it possible to influence colors/style in the theme, kinda like themeroller, but different.

It should be noted that support for styling of form elements differs wildly among different browsers, so Afterdark will probably look different on each browser. Ideally Afterdark will have some level of native support for  IE9 (and graceful degradation for IE8), Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Realistically it should atleast look “normal” on all browsers.

Demo: http://vanderlee.github.com/Afterdark/
Project: https://github.com/vanderlee/Afterdark