Afterdark jQueryUI theme

Afterdark jQueryUI theme

A medium to dark gray jQueryUI theme with limegreen/olivegreen accents.



For one the projects I work on, I needed a theme for the admin backend. Since the admin backend is pretty much for me to do with as I please, I wanted to give it a unique UI. Just because. The site will be jQuery/jQueryUI-based, so the obvious choice would be a jQueryUI themeroller-based theme. But those themeroller themse are just so boring; they all look the same, no matter how you change the colors.

Instead I decided to follow the route of the excellent Aristo (which we’ll hopefully use for the customer-facing UI) and Absolution themes; take a custom themeroller theme and manually overhaul it to look like I want it to. The demo page I borrowed from Aristo, I hope Mr. Brown doesn’t mind ;).

Since the theme was made in my spare-time I’m able to release it to the public with a Creative Commons license! I hope people will find this theme useful and release their own further modifications of it to the open source community; the jQueryUI community desperately needs more freely available non-themeroller themes.
Also; if you find any problems/fixes/improvements/etc. (in particular regarding browser-compatibility), please post issues on github or email me directly.