Animation effect in jQuery – anything moving, sliding, fading and otherwise slowly changing over time – uses a mechanism called “easing”. I present you here with some new easing methods to try.

Easing is basically a method of interpolating between the begin value and end value of whatever you want to animate. By default jQuery includes just two; “linear” and “swing”. Simple and effective, but a bit boring at times. Luckily it’s possible to add more easing methods.

Both GSGD (jQuery Easing Plugin)¬†and jQuery UI extended the set of easings with some 30 more methods, both based on Robert Penner’s easing equations. But other than that, I couldn’t find any alternative easing methods; ¬†until now!

Quickly take a look at a number of new easing methods and a convenient jQuery extension for incorporating easing outside the jQuery animation methods.

Project: Easing with jQuery